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My name is Marty Pfenninger.  My wife Johanna and I own PAVEX, Inc..  We have been in the asphalt paving business since 1986.  Located in Hunterdon County, NJ,  we serve Hunterdon County and surrounding municipalities.

I have always enjoyed working outdoors and with heavy equipment.  As a paving contractor, I derive satisfaction from enhancing property both aesthetically and functionally.  My business mission has always been to make each transaction an equitable and satisfactory one for both sides.  At PAVEX, Inc.  we feel  the only way to achieve lasting success is to be knowledgeable, fair, hard-working and honest. Add innovative to that list-we now offer Infrared heat repairs.  Check out our list of Services.

PAVEX, Inc. employs a crew of 8-9 workers, including myself.  My crew is selected for their talent and professionalism.  They have all been with PAVEX, Inc. for many years; they’re the nicest, hardest working bunch of men we’ve ever met.  We feel privileged to be able to work with them every day.

Our equipment is modern and well-maintained.  Since this is how we make our living, there is no skimping on maintenance or proper vehicles or equipment. The distinctive PAVEX logo can be seen all over Hunterdon County as well as surrounding areas.  You see our trucks everywhere!

Since we have been paving driveways, lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, airports, commercial lots-you name it-for 30 years, we have become very well known in Hunterdon County  as well as surrounding  counties.  Our business has grown immensely.  I try to answer any questions regarding each job completely and professionally.   Our goal is the same as yours: an attractive, well-built driveway or parking lot.  Every time.

To see what PAVEX, Inc. can do for you, please contact our office for a free estimate. Just fill out this form with a few quick questions, and we will contact you to schedule a visit.
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